Welcome to Matinicus Island!

Located about 20 miles south of Rockland, Maine you will find Matinicus Island; the most remote of the inhabited year-round islands in Penobscot Bay. Matinicus Harbor is one of the few harbors in Maine that's home to almost exclusively working vessels.

Matinicus Island is almost two miles long and one mile wide, with about 750 acres filled with hundreds of species of plant life. Like Maine, the shores of Matinicus are rocky. The eastern shore being mostly granite—there are two large beaches with beautiful fine graying-white sand, numerous small pebble beaches and great hiking trails.

There is a local bakery that provides fresh breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, blueberry cake, Rock City Coffee and other sweet treats. And be sure to check out the 'Fisherman's Wife' gift shop, which is owned and operated by Donna Rogers, a local artist. There you'll find coastal scene paintings of the island, fishing boats, tshirts, calendars, books and other gifts. Saturday night on Matinicus we "Rock The Dock." Let loose and dance the evening away on steamboat dock; join the locals, gather around and dance and sing.

Getting to Matinicus!